Birch’s Park Homes Ltd Information Protection and Privacy Statement

Birch’s Park Homes Ltd (hereafter referred to as ‘BPHL’) is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information relating to BPHL employees, clients, potential clients and correspondents to BPHL and any related activities. This Data Protection and Privacy Statement explains how BPHL will use any personal information we collect in relation our staff, existing or potential clients, together with the administration of BPHL and associated activities, which satisfies the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

BPHL will collect and retain personal information about its staff. This will usually be limited to personal information required during employment with BPHL and, as a minimum, will include name, address, date of birth, next of kin, bank details, telephone / mobile number and e-mail address of each member of staff. The collection and retention of any additional personal information will be justified in relation to specific elements of employment with BPHL and will be agreed with individual members of staff, as appropriate. Each BPHL member of staff will be asked to provide their explicit consent in relation to the retention and legitimate use of their personal information in relation to their ongoing employment with BPHL.

The retention of staff member’s personal information is justifiable in relation to the consent provided, as described above. This information will be retained for the duration of employment with BPHL and for a period not exceeding seven years following the termination of employment.

Clients, potential clients and correspondents enquiring about park development or the wider activities of BPHL, either by telephone, by post or via the BPHL website will be asked to confirm their consent for BPHL to retain their information when they engage with BPHL, request information pertaining to park developments or submit an online contact form.

The retention of clients, potential clients or correspondents’ personal information is justifiable in relation to the explicit consent they provide when contacting BPHL. This information will be retained for a period not exceeding ten years, unless there is legitimate justification to do so.

BPHL is the Data Controller for all personal information relating to its staff members, clients, potential clients and correspondents.

BPHL will also use the personal information described above for justifiable data processing purposes, including employment activities, to administer the wider business activities of BPHL, to provide information in relation to existing and future park developments and in relation to wider legitimate marking activities. BPHL will usually be the direct data processor for these activities, however, in certain circumstances BPHL will provide information to related third-parties, who have a defined legitimate interest in processing the personal information provided. BPHL will not share any personal information with any third-parties who do not have a defined legitimate interest.

BPHL has nominated Julie Kean, the BPHL Office Manager in Waterbeach as the person responsible for the protection and privacy of the personal information it collected and retains. Any enquiries in relation to the collection, use and retention of personal information by BPHL should be sent to Julie Kean at or in writing to Birch’s Park Homes Ltd, Bluebell Woods, Ely Road, Waterbeach, Cambs, CB25 9NW. Alternatively, BPHL can be contacted on 0845 555 4545.

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Birch’s Park Homes Ltd – Data Protection & Privacy Statement v1.0 – 2nd March 2018

All staff members, clients, potential clients and correspondents have the right to access the information that BPHL has collected and retained about them. Request can be made to access to this personal information by contacting BPHL, as described above. BPHL will provide a copy of all the personal information we hold.

If a staff member, client, potential client or correspondent believes that the information BPHL holds about them is incorrect, they can contact BPHL and request that the information is reviewed and amended to ensure its accuracy. Any requests will be responded to within thirty days of receipt. The rights of data subjects are explicitly defined in the GDPR regulation in relation to the confirmation of information that is processed, the right to rectification, erasure, restricted and third-party processing of this information, which BPHL acknowledges.

All data subjects have the right to contact the UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO), who is the national regulator for data protection and privacy matters, if they are dissatisfied with the outcome of any reasonable request they have made to a data controller in relation to the personal information that is held or processed. Information on how to contact the ICO can be found at

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